The Start of Amazon

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While this post will be a little different from my others, when I came across this article I was immediately reminded of the same process we have been discussing and going through in class for our final projects. Jeff Bezos left his successful job on Wall Street to take a huge risk and launch a very unpredictable business, Amazon. Little did he know that this risk would pay off, and that he would become a billionaire. Bezos had been working as a software engineer, when he approached his boss and told him that he wanted to launch an Internet bookstore. While his boss admitted that he liked the idea, he told Bezos that it was a better fit for someone who didn’t already have a successful job.

A short time after, Bezos knew that he was ready to leave his job to start Amazon. His attitude was that if he failed, at least he would be able to look back and say that he tried. If you never give something a try, you’ll never be able to know if it would have worked out. When Amazon first launched in 1994, only books were sold. Bezos personally drove packages back and forth to the post office. Soon after, the company expanded to offer music and videos. Bezos also reached out to customers to see what else they would be interested in purchasing from the online retailer. Today, Amazon sells everything from electronics to household goods, and even furniture. None of this would exist today if Bezos hadn’t taken a leap of faith and launched his business over 20 years ago. I really liked a particular quote from Bezos that was included in the article, “after much consideration, I took the less safe path to follow my passion, and I’m proud of that choice.” This goes to show what a lot of handwork and determination can do.

As we have learned in class, entrepreneurship definitely consists of a lot of risk taking, trial and error, lots of idea generating, and beyond. As I have said numerous times in my previous posts, passion can go a long way. Bezo’s strong desire and passion for Amazon has been a huge contributor to its success. It may take very long work days and failures to get your business off the ground, but if you wholeheartedly believe in something, you are already a step ahead. Something important that Bezos mentioned that we have also discussed a lot in class is the importance of happy customers. If you don’t have happy customers, you don’t have a business. Therefore, by reaching out to see what most appeals to people, it shows that you care about your customers needs and wants.

In my opinion, Jeff Bezos is a great example of a successful entrepreneur. He was just an ordinary guy with an idea that turned into a majorly successful company. I really feel like this helps to further drive home the point that anyone can be an entrepreneur. You don’t necessarily need any particular skills or abilities in order to be able to do so. After reading this article, I look forward to reading more about Bezos journey to starting Amazon.


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